A Successful Automotive Dealership Travel Incentive Sales Event

Odenza Marketing Group gives corporate clients access to customized travel and leisure promotions that effectively promote brands and drive leads generation and sales. One of the most competitive and consumer trend-driven industries is auto manufacturing, which requires extensive hands-on selling. In 2012, Odenza Marketing Group engaged with the Yorkton Dodge dealership team in integrating a “Fly Away N’ Play Las Vegas” travel incentive package as part of their promotional campaign approach.

The getaway packages were successful in bringing in robust showroom traffic to a ‘One Day Sale’ event. In addition to attracting car buyers, the event generated excitement among sales team members, who had a sought-after, deadline-driven reward to place before potential purchasers. The goal of this travel product sales event was to boost the dealership’s second-quarter sales in a challenging geographical market. Overall, the Yorkton Dodge sales manager described the vacation incentive approach as “outstanding” in generating customer interest in the dealership’s offerings.