Keys to a Successful Vacation Incentives Promotional Campaign

For the past 15 years, Odenza Marketing Group has offered customers innovative vacation incentive products that drive success in marketing and advertising efforts. Odenza Marketing Group emphasizes a carefully calibrated approach to travel promotions with the objective of reinforcing in customers’ minds why they select to do business with a particular firm.

A key consideration when planning a vacation incentive program is timing, with many companies running two to four promotions each year as a way of maximizing “buzz” about their brands. Holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Easter, and Mother’s Day, as well as yearly themes like “back-to-school,” present an ideal opportunity for promotions that drive customer traffic and give people incentives to buy before specific deadlines.

Successful incentive campaigns also utilize a strong “call to action” marketing approach with a concise headline that makes the direct mail or advertising material a compelling read among time-pressed consumers. Vacation programs can be effectively promoted on-site through the full range of marketing materials, from posters and balloons to vacation referral cards. Companies that run successful promotions also take time to motivate their staff and provide a well-rehearsed script that reinforces the core sales message and makes it easy for customers to take advantage of limited-time deals.


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