Setting Goals for a Travel Incentive Program

Odenza Marketing Group has an extensive catalogue of travel incentives available. These incentives, which range from five-day cruise vacations to roundtrip weekend getaways, can be used to drive sales and reward loyalty. Odenza Marketing Group helps businesses select incentives and provides advice on using them to reach important organizational goals.

While offering travel incentives can increase sales and play an important role in helping businesses achieve both short and long term success, this is only the case if the incentive program is well planned and implemented. There are a number of things a business can do to help ensure that the travel incentive program goes smoothly and realizes the desired results.

First of all, create a clear goal. Make sure you know what exactly you are trying to accomplish, whether it is an increase in sales or a bigger customer base. Then, determine how you will measure and track the success of your travel incentive program. The results should be clear and measurable, allowing you to stay on track and witness the outcome of your program directly and as it occurs.


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