Domestic Locales Dominate 2012 Travel Incentive Programs

The certified travel agents at Odenza Marketing Group know their clients wish to provide attractive marketing and incentive programs for their employees and customers but hope to keep the overall prices reasonable. Correspondingly, Incentive Magazine found that in 2012 domestic destinations far outstripped international ones in program popularity across American travel incentive providers.

Among the top choices for Odenza Marketing Group clients, locales providing sunshine, warm temperatures, and outdoor activities reigned supreme. In particular, Florida received the prize as the number one most-sought-after travel incentive.

The availability of a wide variety of quality beaches, resorts, theme parks, outdoor attractions, and nightlife made Florida an attractive choice as it offers a solution for any type of promotion. Its proximity to large population centers on the east coast also helped boost its standing.

Florida’s appeal includes a family destination in the Orlando area with numerous world-class theme parks and attractions, as well as a place for those without children to enjoy beaches, clubs, and restaurants in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.


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