Travel Incentives a More Powerful Motivator than Cash Rewards

As the global marketplace continues to bring more competitors to market spaces that were formerly isolated, companies increasingly realize the need to earn and retain loyal customers and motivate employees. Odenza Marketing Group offers clients a strategy for doing just that: travel incentives. As a professional travel consultancy with access to wholesale prices plus top-notch marketing resources, Odenza Marketing Group knows that travel rewards inspire customer and employee action far better than comparable cash prizes.

A 2011 study found that travel incentives give employees a more visual and appealing end goal than cash. In part, the corresponding theory proposes that in the current business environment, recipients would feel obligated to use a cash prize to pay bills or reinvest in their home by purchasing a necessary appliance, for example. A travel bonus, however, allows them to picture themselves on a vacation that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

To test this idea, a research project placed 45 insurance agents into one of three groups. One group was offered a travel-based reward, another merchandise, and the third cash. The only group that displayed significant increased output was the travel group, proving that despite a sometimes stated preference for cash, employees are truly more motivated by travel.


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