What Kind of Traveler Are You?

TRA-230 HR

Odenza Marketing Group helps clients develop travel incentives and certificates ranging from roundtrip airfare and resort stays to all-inclusive getaways. Odenza Marketing Group asks: What kind of traveler are you?

The Visitor. Twenty percent of leisure travelers can be considered visitors, because they tend to travel to cities where friends or family members reside and they stay for more extended periods than other leisure travelers. This category of traveler may continue to grow as expatriate communities increase.

The Wanderer. These nomadic travelers make travel a way of life, picking up and moving to a new spot as time and inclination permit. They tend not to stay in one place for long. 

The Senior Traveler. Men and women over 65 years old are taking trips with increasing frequency, and this group tends to book trips through traditional travel agencies.

Of course, these three traveler types only scratch the surface. You can define your own travel style or the style to which you aspire.


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