The Top Three Cruise Tips, from Odenza Marketing Group

Combining the excitement of travel with the comforts of home, a cruise is the ideal vacation for many people. Odenza Marketing Group’s top three tips for cruises can help you get the most out of an upcoming trip.

1. Read up before packing. To maximize suitcase space and make room for souvenirs, do research into the items and services your cruise line provides. Knowing that there is a laundry service on board can help reduce the amount of clothing you pack. Similarly, make sure you know the dress codes for dining and events, and pack appropriately.

2. Acknowledge good service. To ensure high quality of service throughout the trip, make sure that you reward good service when you receive it. In addition to being prepared for tipping by making a service budget beforehand, gestures such as leaving Thank You cards for staff can help maintain service quality.

3. Feel free to make your own plans. There is no obligation to participate in the ship’s prearranged shore excursions. If you are not interested in the offered options, or if you need some time away from other passengers, it is perfectly acceptable to create your own itinerary. Just be sure to verify departure schedules and allow plenty of time to return to the ship.

Odenza Marketing Group is a leading provider of incentive travel programs. Odenza partners with Carnival Cruise Lines to offer vacation packages to many destinations.


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