A Successful Automotive Dealership Travel Incentive Sales Event

Odenza Marketing Group gives corporate clients access to customized travel and leisure promotions that effectively promote brands and drive leads generation and sales. One of the most competitive and consumer trend-driven industries is auto manufacturing, which requires extensive hands-on selling. In 2012, Odenza Marketing Group engaged with the Yorkton Dodge dealership team in integrating a “Fly Away N’ Play Las Vegas” travel incentive package as part of their promotional campaign approach.

The getaway packages were successful in bringing in robust showroom traffic to a ‘One Day Sale’ event. In addition to attracting car buyers, the event generated excitement among sales team members, who had a sought-after, deadline-driven reward to place before potential purchasers. The goal of this travel product sales event was to boost the dealership’s second-quarter sales in a challenging geographical market. Overall, the Yorkton Dodge sales manager described the vacation incentive approach as “outstanding” in generating customer interest in the dealership’s offerings.


Keys to a Successful Vacation Incentives Promotional Campaign

For the past 15 years, Odenza Marketing Group has offered customers innovative vacation incentive products that drive success in marketing and advertising efforts. Odenza Marketing Group emphasizes a carefully calibrated approach to travel promotions with the objective of reinforcing in customers’ minds why they select to do business with a particular firm.

A key consideration when planning a vacation incentive program is timing, with many companies running two to four promotions each year as a way of maximizing “buzz” about their brands. Holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Easter, and Mother’s Day, as well as yearly themes like “back-to-school,” present an ideal opportunity for promotions that drive customer traffic and give people incentives to buy before specific deadlines.

Successful incentive campaigns also utilize a strong “call to action” marketing approach with a concise headline that makes the direct mail or advertising material a compelling read among time-pressed consumers. Vacation programs can be effectively promoted on-site through the full range of marketing materials, from posters and balloons to vacation referral cards. Companies that run successful promotions also take time to motivate their staff and provide a well-rehearsed script that reinforces the core sales message and makes it easy for customers to take advantage of limited-time deals.

Exploration and Adventure in Cancun

For businesses looking to offer an eye-catching promotion to customers, Odenza Marketing Group can help. Odenza Marketing Group offers an array of travel incentives designed to please customers of all tastes and interests. Among the company’s most popular travel incentives is a round-trip, three-night vacation to a Mexican vacation spot, such as the popular destination of Cancun.

Cancun offers a wealth of options for travelers of all types. For those interested in the Mayan culture, for example, numerous fascinating archeological sites are nearby. These include the well-known ruins of Chichen Itza, as well as sites at Tulum and Coba. It does not take long to reach these destinations by car or bus, and they offer an interesting glimpse into an ancient civilization.

For those looking for adventure, many excursions into the surrounding area let travelers explore or try a new activity. Individuals can fly through the jungle on a zip-line tour or go mountain biking. At the beaches, water sports like snorkeling and sport fishing are popular options.

Of course, Cancun is also renowned for its restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Whatever a traveler’s interests, Cancun likely has something to offer.

The Las Vegas Experience

The Odenza Marketing Group, a company that specializes in travel incentives, assists its clients with marketing and promotional activities. Organizations can select from the Odenza Marketing Group’s wide variety of vacation destinations and itineraries and, in turn, offer these experiences to customers or associates. One of the company’s most popular travel incentives is an excursion to Las Vegas, Nevada.

A world-famous vacation destination, Las Vegas is known for its casinos, shows, and bright lights. Travelers can explore the famous Las Vegas Strip, where they can see replicas of famous monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Egyptian pyramids, at some of the city’s best-known casinos and hotels. Catching a show is another favorite Vegas pastime, and with many performances to choose from, travelers are likely to find one of interest. When not sightseeing, catching a show, or eating at one of the city’s expansive buffets, those who are interested will always find gambling available at the casinos. Getting dressed up and going out to a bar or club downtown is another fun way to make Las Vegas memories.

Setting Goals for a Travel Incentive Program

Odenza Marketing Group has an extensive catalogue of travel incentives available. These incentives, which range from five-day cruise vacations to roundtrip weekend getaways, can be used to drive sales and reward loyalty. Odenza Marketing Group helps businesses select incentives and provides advice on using them to reach important organizational goals.

While offering travel incentives can increase sales and play an important role in helping businesses achieve both short and long term success, this is only the case if the incentive program is well planned and implemented. There are a number of things a business can do to help ensure that the travel incentive program goes smoothly and realizes the desired results.

First of all, create a clear goal. Make sure you know what exactly you are trying to accomplish, whether it is an increase in sales or a bigger customer base. Then, determine how you will measure and track the success of your travel incentive program. The results should be clear and measurable, allowing you to stay on track and witness the outcome of your program directly and as it occurs.

Using Travel Incentives to Drive Sales

Odenza Marketing Group sells travel incentives to businesses and organizations that are looking for something special to give customers. Offering a wide array of travel incentives that range from roundtrip Las Vegas jaunts to Carnival Cruise Lines vacations, Odenza Marketing Group is sure to have a travel package that will be popular with the customers of any business.

There are a number of ways a company can use travel incentives to help drive sales. For example, the company could offer a free vacation to any customer that spends over a certain dollar amount. This encourages high-dollar transactions and can help companies successfully close on large deals. Another way for businesses to use travel incentives is to reward long-time or consistently supportive customers.

While travel incentives are helpful in encouraging sales among an existing client base, they can also help businesses reach new customers. For example, a business can offer travel incentives during limited-time promotional events. These types of events catch the attention of the public and are likely to bring many new potential customers through a company’s doors.

Domestic Locales Dominate 2012 Travel Incentive Programs

The certified travel agents at Odenza Marketing Group know their clients wish to provide attractive marketing and incentive programs for their employees and customers but hope to keep the overall prices reasonable. Correspondingly, Incentive Magazine found that in 2012 domestic destinations far outstripped international ones in program popularity across American travel incentive providers.

Among the top choices for Odenza Marketing Group clients, locales providing sunshine, warm temperatures, and outdoor activities reigned supreme. In particular, Florida received the prize as the number one most-sought-after travel incentive.

The availability of a wide variety of quality beaches, resorts, theme parks, outdoor attractions, and nightlife made Florida an attractive choice as it offers a solution for any type of promotion. Its proximity to large population centers on the east coast also helped boost its standing.

Florida’s appeal includes a family destination in the Orlando area with numerous world-class theme parks and attractions, as well as a place for those without children to enjoy beaches, clubs, and restaurants in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.